Mobility Scooters

Thank you for requesting the free mobility scooters buying guide which we have sent to you by email if you have not already downloaded it.

One of the first things in the buying guide we suggest you watch out for is an online only mobility scooter supplier with no bricks and mortar location where you can see and test drive the scooters, it may simply be a wholesale outlet for mobility scooters – with no expertise behind the sale and no warranty capable of protecting you against any mishaps.

When you buy a mobility scooter from one of these sites, your item often requires self-assembly; and if you need to return it under warranty it is necessary to disassemble it and return it in pieces in the original packaging.

Our Nottingham mobility scooter showroom, on the other hand, offers a personal, hands-on service with plenty of friendly advice; and we deliver two comprehensive warranties depending on whether you buy your mobility scooters through our website or in person.

If you buy mobility scooters through a website, you may get a full parts guarantee, which means the supplier will undertake to replace any faulty parts if something goes wrong during the warranty period. However, if you buy your lightweight mobility scooter, or all terrain mobility scooters, in person at our Nottingham mobility scooter showroom, we’ll give you the same guarantee plus a labour warranty – so you don’t even have to pay for the labour involved in removing any faulty parts and replacing them with new ones.

Our showroom boasts more than 40 scooters in stock, large and small, with a range of engine sizes and speeds. We sell all terrain mobility scooters, a lightweight mobility scooter, three wheeled and four wheeled scooters – we even stock 8mph scooters, which allow you to travel at running speed when required.

Every mobility scooter model we sell comes with free home delivery. Plus you can take advantage of free transport to and from the showroom to test drive as many models as you like – with no obligation to buy.

We’ll even let you know when your current scooter model is about to be upgraded – and often run super trade in weekends, where our normally generous part exchange allowance goes through the roof!

For Trading Standards accredited service and a range of mobility scooters Nottingham that’s hard to beat, Mr Mobility is your first port of call.

To discover the perfect mobility scooter for you contact us using this form or telephone us today on 0800 634 3316